No data on galaxy s2 for attSupport

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  1. dylan1464

    dylan1464 New Member

    just replaced my iphone 4 with a unlocked galaxy s2. everything on the phone works fine calls/text but i have NO data at all. browser doesnt work and anything that has to do with data doesnt work.

    called att to make sure i had data and they said i have the unlimited data plan

    can someone help me get this figured out?

  2. dylan1464

    dylan1464 New Member

    ive been on the phone with att all day and they cant get my phone to have data. i tried swapping the sim with another att 3g phone and still no data
  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  4. colonels

    colonels Active Member

    if your in Atlanta there are 3 data towers down.

    my sg2 was working fine last night but no data today
  5. colonels

    colonels Active Member

    make sure u have use packet data checked in settings. this fixed it for me
  6. colonels

    colonels Active Member

    wierdest thing, i cannot remember if packet data was checked before or not? is it possible someone remotely hacked our sg2s to turn it off?

    or maybe it was off the whole time and att did something to their network that required this setting to be checked now?

    all i know is i have been using sg2 on att for past 3 months no problems until today
  7. dylan1464

    dylan1464 New Member

    ok so i got the galaxy s2 to work but this is the weirdest thing that happened. here is the story

    my iphone 4 broke so i ordered a galaxy s2 from a online retailer. it came in today and i brought it to the att store to obtain a sim card since iphone 4 uses micro sim. the activated a sim card for me and checked to see if everything works. after about 5 mins everything worked except data and anything that had to do with data didnt work. spent hours of research and call tech support and they still couldnt get the data working. so after wasting hours i said F it and went to the att and bought the samsung infuse. went home played with the infuse and then i said i would try getting the galaxy s2 to work 1 final time before i start my return procedures. i popped in the sim card and then i seen the 3G symbol at the top of the screen and then data started working. everything is working flawlessly now without a problem.

    does anybody know why it didnt work before? or did i had to use a android device that was registered with att to jump start my plan? weird i still cant figure it out
  8. ChicagoSammo

    ChicagoSammo Member

    My S2 lost all data but it was a while before I question ATT as I know that they are upgrading towers in downtown Chicago.
    Turned out that my packet data had turned itself off.
    I think it may have been something to do with the power saving settings as I ran it flat beforehand but the issue hasn't recurred so I can't say for definite.
    As a matter of interest is your access point wap.cingular or are you on the HSPA+ 4G service?

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