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  1. xxBryce10xx

    xxBryce10xx Member

    Hey guys I was wondering if i get the motorola charm without a data plan is there any possible way I could accidently use data while at school or does it like automatically stop all internet programs when im out of wifi range?

  2. Unlox

    Unlox Member

    The carrier is probably going to see requests being sent from the device, but most of the time unless there is a data plan, all packets sent from the phone will be discarded. Most likely the internet dependent apps will hang and you will end up just wanting to suspend them until you reach an area with active wifi again. **

    **Only some carriers I know of like AT&T will see enough "packet requests" and just enable a data plan unknowingly to you.
  3. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    You will likely see data charges and you would pay per use. You may be able to contact the carrier to see if they offer any service to block data use to prevent this, if the phone tries to sync and data is not blocked you will likely get billed for it.

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