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  1. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    Got the Droid at BB and unlike buying it from Verizon there's a lot less disclaimers and such. What I found out when I got home is I ended up with a Basic plan with no data. I didn't even think to look considering I thought data plan was mandatory. I think on this plan, data is $1.99 per MB :eek:

    I haven't called VW but left them a message via the website. This is the kind of thing that I want replied to in writing.

    Here's my summary:

    NATIONWIDE BASIC 900 $59.99 1107 Change Plan
    Contract Ends on 11/06/11

    Plan Details Add a New line

    Monthly access charge:$59.99 Monthly allowance minutes: 900 general Per minute rate after allowance: $0.40 peak , $0.40 off-peak

    Promotion details

    Included Features

    $0.20 per Text Message sent/received (unless you subscribe to a messaging bundle) No Answer/Transfer Call Delivery Call Forward - No Answer M2M NATIONAL UNLIMITED Message Waiting Indicator 3-Way Calling Call Waiting Basic Voice Mail NEW EVERY TWO

    Additional Features Add/Remove Features
    How to Use Features

    Video & Picture Messaging ($0.25/Message); Text Message ($0.20/message) Caller ID NATLACCESS ROAMING PAYU Email and Web for Smartphone DECLINED INSURANCE Call Forwarding UNL NIGHT & WEEKEND MIN Friends & Family 5

  2. Edaze55

    Edaze55 Well-Known Member

    Data is mandatory. So you may want to turn off your mobile network until you get the issue resolved. Not sure how flexible VZ is in situations like this, but it beats being charged insane rates for data.
  3. Barbara

    Barbara Well-Known Member

    If you go to, you can set up your account online and look to see exactly what your plan covers. I was unsure on mine because I have 3 other phones on there besides the droid. Based on the paperwork it did not look like my daughter had unlimited data for her phone. I checked online to verify that everyone has exactly what I needed.
  4. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    Thanks but I'm not turning off the phone or doing anything else until I hear from them in writing. This is really fishy especially since all I was trying to change on the plan was the messaging and already had smartphone rates.

    To make matters worse I'm thinking of a return anyway. My old Samsung i760 had better voice control over the entire phone and I'm missing that.
  5. nesl247

    nesl247 Member

    Based on my experience at Best Buy yesterday, during the setup of your account, you will not actually see the data plan added. However due to Verizon's requirements, the data is actually added to the account. The person who set my account up actually checked after and it was there.
  6. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    What did the print out on the activation sheet say? And what does your account on VW say?
  7. nesl247

    nesl247 Member

    Online at VW it shows that I have unlimited data. As far as the activation sheet, the only information I got was my receipt. I didn't want any other paperwork so they printed none.
  8. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    But does it show the correct price? Mine shows $60. That sheet is funny because there's a place to sign but I didn't. But at Verizon store you have to sign gobs of stuff.
  9. nesl247

    nesl247 Member

    I'm not sure where you are seeing $60. At least on my receipt it doesn't show the plan at all. Online I only clicked the little data tab, I didn't actually look at my plan.
  10. deryn

    deryn Well-Known Member

    I work for VZW and data plan is required for Droids. Even though it may not say it, I'd sign into your account under and be sure. I highly doubt the computers that slap the required data plan for every smartphone didn't do it on yours.
  11. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the BB guy messed up and you didn't think better to check his work either (since it was "easier" and had "less paperwork.") Yeah, you should return it if you do not like the Droid as much as your old phone.
  12. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    My first message on this thread is cut and paste from myverizon. I'm going to wait for their e-mail reply.

    And since I don't have to return it right away I won't. It just tears me up because there are great features but I've lost a lot that I had with a 3 year old phone.
  13. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    You do realize you're liable to pay the $1.99 per MB if you use it all willy-nilly without having the Data Plan, right?
  14. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    Presumption is the root of all evil LOL. Since the $1.99 data plan is not available on this phone then logic dictates I won't be charged that way.

    Besides I e-mailed them as soon as I noticed it. They can't do a bait and switch. Like I said, I'm not going to presume to change the plan for their mistake until I hear from them in writing.

    If they are going to try to charge then they would still charge for last night's usage before I realized what was going on. In other words it's going to take their intervention one way or the other and I generally don't trust the phone for this kind of thing.

    I'll let everyone know when it's settled.
  15. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    Well first it's not a bait and switch--it would be bait and switch if your contract said Data Plan and then you got your bill and guess what, no data plan but you got charged $1.99 per MB usage. Second you just had to go through Best Buy for less paperwork and didn't bother to read what you got into. Third... you signed a contract, no?

    In either case I hope everything goes well for you. Whenever I had any Verizon issues, it got settled pretty easily and I never drew the short straw.
  16. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    They have always been reasonable with me. And no, I don't think I signed a contract though it is reflected online.

    I'm not worried about it and I'm probably 24hr blocked from changing plan anyway.

    I'll report back soon.
  17. TheBandit181

    TheBandit181 Active Member

    The feature "Email and Web for Smartphone" is the data feature. I believe this is the 29.99 plan. I would still contact VZW customer service to double check, but according to your original post, I would say it looks like you have the correct features.
  18. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    VZ said they added the $29.99 plan for me after I talked to them. I went to the Best Buy home page for the Droid and sure enough the default plan is $59.99 and $1.99 per meg!

    So everyone needs to be careful buying from them. BUT if you actually add the phone to your cart on their website it gives you only the unlimited plans.

    My head hurts. I guess I should stop doing research and enjoy the phone.

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