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No Delete option in 'Videos'Support

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  1. o0timbo0o

    o0timbo0o Member

    I have an issue whereas I subscribed to an RSS feed to download some youtube stuff which could be played from the 'videos' folder.

    I have deleted the videos from the RSS feed and from the phone but the links to the videos still appear in 'Videos. '.

    There is no option to delete (3 dots top right of screen) and no long presses work.

    I have read another post forum which says to download the ES File explorer and use that to clean up the links but because i'm new to this Android malarky have no idea where to go to delete these shortcuts.

    Pointers greatly appreciated :)

  2. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    Most apps create their own folders. If you use the file explorer, open it and see if you see a folder for the rss app you're using.
  3. o0timbo0o

    o0timbo0o Member

    not exactly a fix .. but seems that you need to reboot the phone after videos were deleted to remove the thumbnails/shortcuts.

    I'm beginning to think that this device should be called the Microsoft Galaxy Phone !
  4. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    some people REALLY don't understand the meaning of a "nexus" branded phone.

    In exchange for getting the latest and greatest, we're supposed to understand not everything will be perfect, there will be bugs and/or features left out. But there's hope! We get patches faster then anyone else also :)
  5. o0timbo0o

    o0timbo0o Member

    Not going to argue with you as you clearly are balls deep in the android OS and know the ins and out and what to put up with and what not.

    I'm from a fresh outside perspective and was on the understanding that 'Nexus' was Flagship model?! You know the best that they can do given the current technology , this being my first android based phone , within a couple of hours or so , I had identified a few annoyances , ones that you either had to buy an app to fix or live with. As with many of the smartphone OS's out there there are going to be things that annoy ( you can't please everyone all the time as the sayings go )
    Some of these annoyances seem very very basic and surprised that they have not been fixed even into the 2nd official bug fix release.

    On the flip side there are some really quite good things about the phone I like that work well and kudos to the developers that come up with the ideas and make them work
  6. CrazyShady

    CrazyShady Member

    I've been deleting my videos through the Gallery app, which includes your videos in it, and lets you long press to delete. I've never had a problem with videos still appearing in the video app after a delete.
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  7. swiff

    swiff Well-Known Member

    This you can only delete via the gallary app not the video app. Or connect to ur computer and delete from there.

    Lol i just discovered this myself, such a basic thing.

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