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  1. Viper716

    Viper716 Member

    Just updated my A500 to ICS this morning and now I am unable to get any email using either the Email program that came with the Tab or K9... I just get the message "Loading Messages" that never goes away. Without email, the Tab is useless in my application.. I have reset all of the accouynt settings and same thing happens... HELP..

  2. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    Factory data reset (under Settings > Backup & reset) has resolved various problems on quite a few tablets after updating to ICS. If you have photos or other files saved in internal storage, you need to first back those up to external media -- i.e., SD card, USB stick/drive, etc.

    You could also review system logs for errors that may give you a clue about the cause. The aLogcat app from Play Store is useful if you don't want to use logcat at directly.

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