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No Firmware Available for your DeviceSupport

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  1. pfs78

    pfs78 Active Member

    I just received my new replacement from Best Buy this morning, battery in tablet and dock are fully charged but when i search for the update it says there isn't one available. Still sitting on 4.0.3 build

    I did download and the JB update from Asus site, but havent figured out what i need to do to load it.

    Any tricks ?


  2. pfs78

    pfs78 Active Member

    Just for the hell of it I factory reset hoping it might trigger something but still no update for this Infinity
  3. K-West

    K-West Active Member

    mine has not upgraded yet either, kinda bugging me.
  4. pfs78

    pfs78 Active Member

    Alright well at least im not alone, i was thinking there was something wrong with the brand new replacement device.

    Thanks for replying :)
  5. CrockettGTO

    CrockettGTO Well-Known Member

    nope you are not alone. I picked mine up today from BB and same thing. No firmware available for your device. I also did a cold reboot. Still nothing.

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