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  1. ebaum

    ebaum Member

    After installing the update from 2.1 to 2.1-1 last week, I am now unable to use a few features of my Captivate. When I run the software update "check for update" option, the phone attempts to connect to the AT&T server for an update and I always receive the "Communication failed, unable to connect to AT&T server" message after about 30 seconds. Similarly, I just tried the "Resume update" feature and was instantly greeted with a "No Firmware" message.

    I am new to the whole smartphone thing and don't know what to do next. What does this mean? Am I screwed?!

  2. Cuerbo

    Cuerbo Well-Known Member

    Check the forum, I've seen threads about this issue "Communication failed, unable to connect to AT&T server" in the past.
  3. davestarcher

    davestarcher Member

    I followed the instructions at the linked pages here to correct the Unable to Communicate error and now I am able to get my phone to connect to AT&T to check for updates. But it still shows the No Firmware message if I tap the Resume Update button. It appears that the previous update was successful but my phone still has the Resume Update button. I have Firmware version2.1 update1, Baseband version I897UCJH7, Kernel version 2.6.29 jetaek.lee@sep-11 #2, Build number ECLAIR.UCJH7
  4. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    JH7 is the latest update available. There's nothing newer yet.

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