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No front facing camera?!General

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  1. John58543

    John58543 Well-Known Member

    Don't understand why Moto isn't including FFC....weird. Maybe we haven't seen the final product in wild yet...(holding out hope).

  2. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Well-Known Member

    Eh, to me it isn't a big deal.

    I wouldn't use it anyways due to its crappy megapixel size.
  3. John58543

    John58543 Well-Known Member

    Well now that it seems the Bionic is a distant memory, it would make sense for Motorola to go ahead and include one. I understand some wouldn't use it, I probably wouldn't use it very often myself, but all the new smartphones of the world (besides Blackberry) are including those FFC...

    It also seems the Droid X2 looks almost exactly like the Droid X...Moto didn't spend much time fixing it up...I really like the Droid X but it has been out for almost a year. Decisions decisions.
  4. Th3Coog

    Th3Coog Well-Known Member

    That's soo bad. I hope that isn't the final/real design. You'd expect LTE and a Front Facing Camera on the new Smart Phones that come out.
  5. Jgraham49

    Jgraham49 Member

  6. adamalter

    adamalter Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've never understood how a front camera can be such a priority. In my business (web technology and web marketing) we ALL use Skype, and I can only think of 1 time on a computer I was requested a video call. That was because it was a big group of people from Australia that wanted to see me and help me to not be confused as to who was talking in the group.

    Is it a highschool thing and I'm just out of touch? When I'm on my mobile phone I'm usually doing other things and don't want to be restricted to holding it in front of me to look at someone talk and let them see me.
  7. Th3Coog

    Th3Coog Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's simply a high school thing. Being able to see the person you're speaking with has it's benefits. You would be able to see someone's facial expressions, see someone without having to take a picture or a video and then sending it or uploading it. A front facing camera makes it a lot easier to take a picture or video of yourself. People don't use it much now because it's not available to the majority of people. If I had the option, I'd use it all the time so long as it's nicely integrated. But that's just me. When texting came out, no one even wanted to hear another person speak - "just text me"... so... I could be wrong.

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