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  1. jlb0071

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    Jan 4, 2010
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    OK - so, here's the thing.... I deleted my gmail calendar as I was trying to use outlookt sync. Initially this worked fine, but after a few weeks I can no longer sync my calndar - I've tried everything and I"m done. It seems using my google account is easier.

    So, having said that, since I deleted the gmail calendar, I went into "manage apps" and cleared everything associated with gmail, including my calendar. I then asked me to set up gmail again, and I did. I hoped this would bring the calndar back, but it didn't.

    So now I'm left without a gmail calendar to sync with. Does anyone have any suggestions????

  2. cheeto12

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    Dec 9, 2009
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    yes, gmail makes an app that can sync your outlook appointments to your gmail calendar.
    its appropriately named gmail calendar sync, and it does a push/pull from outlook to gmail at intervals of your specification.
    i had some appts in my gmail and some in my work outlook, and this does a great job of merging and keeping them up to date

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