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  1. Driver8

    Driver8 New Member

    I've been prowling forums hither and yon trying to find a remedy for a weird and frustrating issue I'm encountering with my Flytouch III/Superpad 2 whereby there is no option to sync my Google Calendar with my tablet.

    When I go into Settings -> Accounts & sync -> General sync settings, I can set-up a connection to my Gmail account (which would seem to imply a connection to my calendar), but no calendar data is pulled over.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue?

  2. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    I'm working on this for you but it seems like they boinked the O/S. I'm trying to find a stock 2.2 accounts and settings apk. Makes me wish I still had my Droid.
  3. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    Good find bleyten. I was working on that myself.
  4. bleyten

    bleyten New Member

    I'm glad you found it useful! I scoured the web for quite some time before finding the solution to that crippling problem!!
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  5. Woodyandroid

    Woodyandroid Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I downloaded it and will install it now.
  6. Driver8

    Driver8 New Member

    This worked perfectly. Thanks for the find!
  7. mimorqleko

    mimorqleko New Member

    It seems the post with the solution was removed by admin.

    For those of you having this problem, It seems the manufacturer missed installing 2 small system applications (amongst other! xD):


    Search this files in the web in projects like CyanogenMod 6 wiki - HDPI type.
    Look for these files inside the zip file. ;)

    This post has a bigger description about this issue.

    good luck!
  8. toscal

    toscal Well-Known Member

    OK downloaded the HDPI file and couldn't find GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk or GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk what now.
    OK decided to ignore the instructions and downloaded CyanogenMod 7 :D

    found the apps, installed and can now sync with my google calender.

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