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  1. BrianSchatz

    BrianSchatz New Member

    I just got the OTA Froyo update for my HTC Incredible on Verizon. Now when i go in to the People application and touch the icon next to a person's name, the menu comes up with two "phones" on it, one to make a call, and one where gtalk used to be. When i touch the second phone, it brings up a list of crazy apps to associate it with. Most of the apps to associate are not actually anything.

    Has anyone esle experienced this? I'm not rooted (yet) and to be honest im growing tired of the junky HTC apps on this thing. I'd love to just have the android contacts manager because i think it'll interface better than the htc ones.

  2. BrianSchatz

    BrianSchatz New Member

    PS- Gtalk is not on the application list. I would just choose that, but it gives me options like "show contact" and astrid.
  3. DaisyLab

    DaisyLab Active Member

    Same experience here. Anyone? Anyone?
  4. Todd M

    Todd M Well-Known Member

    Same here. That's odd...
  5. weizilla

    weizilla Active Member

    Same here
  6. jsg26

    jsg26 New Member

    +1 on this issue. HTC Incredible w/froyo.
  7. jaze219

    jaze219 New Member

    same here. is there a fix?
  8. bluedragon7

    bluedragon7 Active Member

    Same here (though on Legend froyo)
    It's quite annoying
  9. josefd8

    josefd8 New Member

    Same here (HTC desire with 2.2) :S
  10. mrwendel

    mrwendel New Member

    any of you guys find a solution for this yet? HTC evo, same problem.. makes me HATTEEEE HTC pep app.. and the stupid decision to use a icon for view contact that looks 98% like the messaging icon is silly.

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