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  1. carpalia

    carpalia Member


    Happy new year to all of you :)

    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S and upgraded it to froyo. I can't get any GPS signal. I'm sure that the GPS is enabled and I've tried standing still outside for the phone to catch the GPS signals. All my apps using GPS tries to locate satellites with no luck. These apps includes navigation, GPS Tester, Endomondo.

    Currently I have enabled "Use GPS satellites" in my phone settings and disabled "Use wireless networks" and "Use sensor aiding".

    Any suggestions? Could it be a software og hardware problem with my new phone?

  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    For some reason the gps locks a lot faster when you have a internet connection. Do you have a data plan?
  3. carpalia

    carpalia Member

    Yes, I have a dataplan including 20 GB of data and free SMS and MMS. I tried to turn of Wifi, but it didn't help.
  4. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Well-Known Member

    Under Settings>Location & Security Setting>My Location, check everything. See if that helps. Otherwise, maybe Samsung hasn't quite worked all the bugs out of how they deal with GPS yet.
  5. seepage

    seepage Well-Known Member

    Try this it worked for me. First make sure you have no idea what you are doing. Then start flashing roms and going back to stock when you find out they are no better. make sure you brick it a few times on the way and have to ask people on forums who know what they are doing for help. Do this till you have had enough, then give up and go back to stock and voila. It works. Best since Eclair. I hope this helps.

    THE ANDROID Well-Known Member

  7. lobo76

    lobo76 Well-Known Member

  8. carpalia

    carpalia Member

    Thank you. I tried all the settings on my phone but nothing worked during the holydays. Monday morning back at the office I tested once more - and voila - now it worked. I have no clue what so ever what happened.
  9. seepage

    seepage Well-Known Member

    Thats the secret.;)
  10. kauserrehman

    kauserrehman Member

    friends ..... just make a GPS test on your phone to check the GPS signal is receiving or not

    1 just type *#*#1472365#*#*

    2 now go to command and check for my location

    3 This will check the gps signal and tell about the exact location .

    4 now try any gps application .it 'll work definately

    Tried on android 2.1 ............

    working nice

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  11. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member

    I don't know where you found out about this number and method.....but I am very impressed....IT WORKS ! :)
    I have been having problems all along with Maps and GPS and this method gave me lots of information regarding GPS....and it really improved my SGS's ability to show my location! Wow!
    It's late night here now and I have very poor signal (sometimes nonexistent) strength even for my cell bars....and so I had to get near the window and it picked up 7 sats within 15 seconds.
    Then I opened up Maps and it showed my location right away! Amazing !
    I want to try it outdoors tomorrow and away from the tall high rise buildings. I'll be very interested to see if it does the same or better....and if my location improves.
    I already sent my 'Thanks'....but Thanks again. This method is a great find....and if it 'fixes' my GPS problem..permanently...I will be forever grateful. :D
  12. GregwGA

    GregwGA Member

    Not sure I understand intruction #1 and #2. Are you saying type *#*#1472365#*#* on the phone keypad like making a call? I tried that and I got a recording saying call cannot be completed as dialed. On #2 what do you mean by go to command and check for my location. How to do that?

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