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  1. blahsaysmeu2u

    blahsaysmeu2u Well-Known Member

    where are all the things root for the simple touch? anyone help with this?

  2. trankster

    trankster Well-Known Member

    I used TouchNooter found at XDA-Developers [N2E][1.1] TouchNooter 2.1.31 - xda-developers. You will need an SD card, a card read and writer and WIFI. Follow the directions carefully and be patient. After doing everything right, you may not be able to log onto the Market for a day or two.

    You need to download WinImage from Download WinImage which you use to create a TouchNooter SD card. The directions for this step are not very specific.
    1. Unzip the file on your desktop
    2. Plug in your external SD card to your computer (best to use an empty card)
    3. Start and use WinImage Disk-Restore Virtual Hard Disk Image
    4. Select your SD card, then select your TouchNooter file
    Follow the rest of the directions. After logging onto YouTube and logging off, it may take awhile before you can sync Gmail. Be patient. It took me over a day before Market worked. I ended up uninstalling the YouTube app the next day, tried Market several times and it started working fine. When you are done, you can format the SD card and re-use in your NST.

    I installed a couple of games, Kindle, a financial calculator, a screen off widget and set up my Yahoo email. I also made the ADW launcher the default for the home button and programmed the lower left and right buttons with Nook Touch Tools for Back and Menu.

    Another resource for rooting the Nook Simple Touch
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  3. bbrad

    bbrad Well-Known Member

    I'm a noob so bear with me. I have a simple touch that I would like to root. Seems there are several different packages out there to root. Which is the best?

    Also, If I root this, will it then be able to buy books from Amazon? I assume Barnes and noble store will no longer work which is fine.

    Will I get an email address with amazone so I can email documents to my rooted nook?

  4. trankster

    trankster Well-Known Member

    Brad, I am not a total noob having owned and rooted a Nook Color in the past two years, but not a techie either. So proceed carefully "at your own risk". I used TouchNooter for the latest version of Nook Siimle Touch because I did not understand the other rooting methods. There may be other ways to root, but this one works and seems to retain all the original Nook functions, plus Android. I think you can buy from BN and Kindle stores.

    On mine, the BN Library and Shop buttons work same as before, and I can search, buy and download from BN. I have not tried it in a BN store, but expect it should access WIFI and other in-store features. The Kindle app works fine, my past purchases could be downloaded from the Kindle archive. The app does have the Kindle store; you can browse but it takes you out to the web to sample or purchase.
  5. bbrad

    bbrad Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I saw on another forum where they were using an image copied onto an sd card and then flashing the nook. Just too many options. TouchNooter seems to be talked about alot so I'm leaning towards that. Just wanted to be sure I could still buy books from BN and and use sync up with amazon.

  6. blahsaysmeu2u

    blahsaysmeu2u Well-Known Member

    im really confused on why i need an external sd card reader? why cant i use the sd card reader that is buitl into my computer?
  7. trankster

    trankster Well-Known Member

    Sorry if I confused you. You need a SD card read/writer (internal or external) to create your Touchnooter SD card.
  8. tomasplanicka

    tomasplanicka New Member

    Hi, can someone help me? Im trying to root my Nook simple touch, but i cant download Touchnooter, because downloading from nooter.googlecode always causes error.
    Can someone upload it somewhere please?

    Thank you very much,
  9. georgehsieh

    georgehsieh New Member

    I prepared a SD card with touchnooter-2.1.31 image on it. power off nook simple touch, put in micro SD card. power on nook, touchnooter screen comes up says wait for screen flash back... then it stays there for 45 minutes. I finally turned off power, remove micro SD, turn nook back on. The nook is back on to its untouched state.

    Any suggestion on what I did wrong? Should I wait longer?
  10. sameee781

    sameee781 Well-Known Member

    Software version of my Nook is 1.2.1
    Can I root it?
  11. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

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