No home button on Vega, is it annoying?General

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  1. medseven

    medseven Member

    Thinking of picking up a vega, read a few reviews which highlighted the lack of a home button.

    Was just wondering for all those that have one what is it like, annoying, or fine? Any opinions...

  2. dudeofrude

    dudeofrude Well-Known Member

    No its no an issue atall. None of the better tablets ( xoom, transformer, iconia etc) have home buttons either. Plus if you hold the power button for 3 seconds then it brings up the power menu which has a home button option there so theres always a way back no matter which app you have open.
  3. Stransky

    Stransky Member

    If you root and install a custom Rom ,there are several available, i.e. Vegacomb Beta(currently vers 1.6 or Corvus5, you will get an on screen home button with them.
    They can be obtained from XDA Developers. Hope this is of some help.


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