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  1. att05

    att05 New Member

    So, check this out. I rooted my Android 2.3.4 LG 505 with the one click thing, worked - great! Ok, then I go onto delete stuff like lglauncher.apk, bla blah....and luck would have it my idiot friend does a factory reset!! So NOW! my phone, when it wants to boot all the way, boots the stock slider but with NO homescreen, it functions - I can receive calls, messages and see the status bar, receive my notifications but there is nothing on the screen! Then when I do the "power/volume/menu" thing the CWM comes up with "E:bad boot message "recovery" and it will say something with "" but nothing! I've tried a bunch of so-called solutions but it's driving me nuts. Oh and last night it would reboot now it just gets stuck on the "rethink possible" page by at&t - someone, any genius out there! help or this phone is going to meet pavement very soon!

  2. quiklives

    quiklives Well-Known Member

    It sounds to me like you deleted your launcher, which is what provides your homescreens.

    If the phone will turn on and stay on, go to the Play Store online and push one of the free launchers to it. (LauncherPro, Go Launcher, something like that) and see if that helps.

    Beyond that I won't be much help - I have a different phone. Just checking unanswered threads.
  3. larrykay

    larrykay Active Member

    That is because you deleted lglauncher, do you have a backup???

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