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No htc hub on one x plus?General

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  1. honeyburt

    honeyburt New Member

    I dont seem to have the HTC hub on my new phone.....I would like to download some of the old notifications that i used to use on my DHD but when i go to personalisation i am only given a limited number of notification sounds and no option to add more (the get more button). How to I add more sounds and in particular the HTC ones that I like?

  2. Mitchturbo

    Mitchturbo Well-Known Member

    Being used to the Desire HD and Flyer I'm used to seeing HTC hub too, surprised the hox+ hasn't got one, but I do remember I used to be able to download a sound or two from the HTC website once I signed up as a member or something. Hope that helps and hope they are still doing that on there.
  3. AndrizzleHD

    AndrizzleHD Well-Known Member

    I think HTC is going to scrap this project. They have been working on it forever, and I think it's going no where.
  4. ajeet

    ajeet Active Member

    Upon updating my HTC One X to Jellybean 4.1.1, the HTC Hub dissappeared from my phone too. I think it is being replaced/reviewed. You could try going on line to htcsense.com to get some of the tones. It is however limited with the choices unlike before.

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