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No incoming text when in homeSupport

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  1. Delirious84

    Delirious84 Member

    I recently got the samsung transfix from cricket. Everything is fine. Well, at least when I am away from my home. I can send/receive sms/mms and calls.Yet for some reason when I go into my house. I can't receive sms or calls. I am getting 3g with bouncing from 2-4 bars. Internet is fine and fast. I can send texts to other phones. Yet my gf and I can't receive them at all until we make a phone call.

    Took them to the store and they work fine when at the store. Bring them home. We can't receive texts until we make a phone call. Phone is straight out of the box, non-rooted.

    She had a huawei ascend and it works fine. We sold it to my sister's bf and he uses it just fine while in my house. I don't think this is a carrier problem. The signals are great.

    To my understanding sms/calls use 1x ? 3g is basically for data. Correct me if I am wrong. I noticed that when sending a text it doesn't want to switch to 1x...normally only does this when outside of home and texting is fine.

    I've had to resort to using google voice to send and receive texts correctly and on time, (i can't port my # to google voice ether), which means I must use a separate # for texting and my cricket # for calls.

    Please I need help with this. I have tried everything!

  2. Delirious84

    Delirious84 Member

    really....nobody can help with this at all?

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