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No internet connection for Update NotoficationSupport

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  1. Movak

    Movak New Member

    When the update notification comes up and asked for internet access I have selected allow. I always get the following error;
    "No available Internet connection. Please check the network settings and Internet access ability."
    I have internet access through 3G, USB connection and Wifi. I have tried this without the USB and Wifi and all possible combinations. My browser always works but the update does not.

  2. nida2012

    nida2012 New Member

    Having the same problem. Has anyone been able to help solve this problem?
  3. blt123

    blt123 New Member

    i am also having the same problem what im guessing is it wants you to have a data play from your provider to download and update but i myself have not done this yet but i have now had probles with the wifi and wondering if not having this update could be the problem

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