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  1. HuzaifaM

    HuzaifaM New Member

    Hi, I just bought my Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (Android 2.3) and another android phone (Android 2.3). They seem to be having a problem connecting to the WiFi at home. When using the wifi elsewhere or with my laptop or PC it didn't seem to be a problem. I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1( Android 3.2, Honeycomb) today and it seem to have the same connection problem. The Tablet connects to the wifi but when trying to use the internet, it keeps saying, "the connection to the server timed out". Same goes for the phones. I don't know if the issue is with the android software or the router. The router model No. is (No. WRT54GL). I tried changing the security settings and wireless channels but it did not seem to help. If anyone has any suggestions, please post. Thanks.

  2. tyler79durdan

    tyler79durdan Well-Known Member

    Reset your router, see if you can connect without a password, then dont mess with the settings too much while setting your security protocols.
  3. HuzaifaM

    HuzaifaM New Member

    Thanks for the Advice but this morning i put the DNS Static IP in the DNS1 and reconnected. It worked.

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