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  1. PowerliftingBBer

    PowerliftingBBer Well-Known Member

    I flashed 3 different ROMS today and for some reason I cant get internet connection. I had to switch over to my instiact, for sum reason my moments been very buggy lately and dont feel like having my texts not going through, calls being ended..etc But how can i fix this internet connection so i can download something to transfer my contacts over?

  2. HeadlessPonch

    HeadlessPonch Well-Known Member

    How are you going about the flashing? Have you tried flashing back to 2.1 stock and seeing if everything's working? If you can'ts get a data connection, does wifi work?
  3. PowerliftingBBer

    PowerliftingBBer Well-Known Member

    I flashed back to the org stock setting earlier today, still didnt work. Wifi says error when i try to turn it on..Basically im screwed right now lol

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