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  1. Nizz

    Nizz Member

    Since Wednesday I have not had an internet connection, or any emails. Help! Also how do I reboot the phone, and is it necessary to upgradge to B 08 or whatever the new system is? Forgive me I am not a techie like you guys!!!!!:mad:

  2. shunter7

    shunter7 Well-Known Member

    To just do a regular (soft reboot) you hold down the on/off button at the top of your phone. A menu will appear and touch power off. After it shuts down press and hold the off/on button until you feel the device vibrate. You will see the Android Icon (green droid) after a few seconds. After this be patient and wait a few minutes for the phone to boot up. This should all be outlined in the manual that came with the phone. No B08 is not required. As for your other questions would need a little more info. First a question are you Activated? In other words have you paid the monthly payment and been setup by Boost? Is your phone showing 3G in the top right hand corner?
  3. Nizz

    Nizz Member


    thanks for your help. Yes I just paid my monthly bill yesterday. so that is up to par. I did a soft reboot and I still have no internet connection. This is just weird. Everything is stuck on Wednesday January 4th from my emails to my social networks: facebook and twitter. In addition, my text meaasges arent going through. It just seems like my phone needs a major break through.
  4. shunter7

    shunter7 Well-Known Member

    If this is your first payment, it sometimes takes awhile for all the phones features to work that being said it looks like almost all your phones features are not working. Turn off your phone and take the battery out then put it back in and reboot. When phone finishes rebooting touch the second button from the right at the very bottom of your phone. The one right next to the button that looks like a house. This will bring up a menu touch the icon that says "settings". Go down to the menu to Activation and click this to verify it has been activated. Click "Done" when the button appears. Now while still in the "Settings" menu scroll up to "Wireless & Networks". Then click on "Mobile Networks'' and make sure Data Enabled is check marked and Network Mode is set to CDMA/EvDo. If you are still not getting anything call Boost and verify that you have been given full access to your services.

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