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  1. yaser_na

    yaser_na New Member

    Hi Guys
    I have Samsung Galaxy mini (GT-S55701) with OS android 2.3.6), I am using my home network 2 days a go, I tried to use the internet on my phone (I was connected properly to my network -as usual-), but there was no internet access, I tried too many time, but always the result is negative. I reset the phone to the factory data setting, but the problem still the same since yesterday morning.
    As you know the android phone are nothing without internet, and I can't use the GPRS data connection via my mobile carrier because it's so expensive.
    Please Advice.
    :) Thanks for your help in advance :)

    Yaser AlNabriss

  2. BroncoDroid

    BroncoDroid Active Member

    This leads me to ask, does your home internet work? Maybe the router needs reset.
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  3. yaser_na

    yaser_na New Member

    :) Thanks for Attention :)
    I forget to say all my other devices (my laptop, and my Nokia C06-00 phone) have internet access. Every things are OK except my Fu---- Samsung Galaxy mini.

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