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No Java or Javascript on Android Browsers

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  1. alanbcohen

    alanbcohen Well-Known Member

    I've been following a discussion on the apparent lack of JavaScript and Java on Android browsers. One of my hot button applications requires either JavaScript or at least the ability to run a .jar file in order to save data. No one in the other discussion has been able to find a Android browser capable of supporting this application (TiddlyWiki).
    Simple question;
    Is there an Android browser capable of doing this task?
    (I will not buy an Android device until this is a practical option.)

  2. dmacd

    dmacd Member

    I am not sure about what level of support android provides for Java/Javascript but you mentioned TiddlyWiki. I have been able to load the default 'empty.html' TiddlyWiki into the default browser on a Nexus One. It seems to work fine. I have also been able to run an on online ccTiddly (derivative of TiddlyWiki) also. They both seem to display and run correctly.
  3. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Well-Known Member

    TiddliWikki does work on the Droids default browser and so does Javascript. Who told you Android phones don't do that?
  4. alanbcohen

    alanbcohen Well-Known Member

    dmacd and craigrn16,
    Thanks for the quick responses. Several others have reported the ability to display a TiddlyWiki file; that doesn't seem to be the issue. What makes TW such a hotbutton app for me and many others is the ability to edit and add information thru the browser. At this point, on Windows, Mac, and Linux, several browsers have been reported as working. Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari have all been reported as being able to save with either the internal JavaScript or the external Java TiddlySaver.jar. But there have been several discussions on the TW forums indicating saving changed TW files haven't worked. I'm looking for a clear answer before I consider buying an Android device. My requirements include local (stored on the device) TW files which must be edited and saved on the device.
  5. dmacd

    dmacd Member

    I am trying to save changes to a Tiddler on a local TiddlyWiki and there does seem to be a problem - I get an error. I will try some additional stuff to see if I can get it to save somehow.
  6. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm not understanding what you're talking about but I did an experiment with both the safari browser and the android stock browser just now. Both browsers loaded the page just fine and they both looked the same tiddlywikki, actuallyvit looked slightly better on my Droid because of the high resolution screen. I checked the options on both browsers. They both could cut and paste, share the page via e-mail or SMS and they both could be bookmarked. So explain to me what I'm missing that safari can do that android browser couldn't?
  7. alanbcohen

    alanbcohen Well-Known Member

    Add a new tiddler with any content. Then save the the page. Close the page. Then open it again. See if the new tiddler you added is there.
    This is a basic requirement for what I use TW to achieve.
  8. alanbcohen

    alanbcohen Well-Known Member

    Hello, Anybody out there with an Android device willing to make a test? Tiddlywiki can be downloaded from TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook for free. The specs for the test are:
    - Add a new tiddler with any content.
    - Then save the the page.
    - Close the page.
    - Then open it again.
    - See if the new tiddler you added is there.
    I do not have access to an Android device myself, nor do any of my local acquaintances; otherwise I'd be posting the result of the tests instead of asking for help..
  9. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    The browser has JavaScript. I don't know what you people are on about. :)
  10. dmacd

    dmacd Member

  11. tliebeck

    tliebeck VIP Member VIP Member

    JavaScript is certainly present in all versions of Android (Ajax applications work just fine).

    Client-side Java isn't available. I don't believe any phone supports client-side Java (applets/webstart/etc). The only one I can even imagine doing this would be an N900/Maemo.
  12. alanbcohen

    alanbcohen Well-Known Member

    Thank you for confirming the report that JavaScript is not fully supported (with regard to TiddlyWiki). I have reported the results, linking here, to the TiddlyWiki forums. Hopefully, if a solution is found, I will post it back here.
  13. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Just FYI -- JavaScript is fully supported. TiddlyWiki uses non-standard browser features to save files. On their site they actually don't even support Safari or Opera without a plugin and don't support Chrome at all. Safari, Chrome and Opera make up about 15% of the browser market.

    I trust Webkit to be more standards compliant. Safari and Chrome (and the Android and iPhone browsers) are based off of Webkit.

  14. Alluresport

    Alluresport New Member

    Does the default browser on the Dell Streak 5 (2.2 Android ver.) support Java based applications?
  15. dewf

    dewf New Member

    I think what is needed here, is a native mobile app capable of reading tiddlywiki .html files, and saving them out, as well. The default tiddlywiki UI is pretty annoying as it is, and even worse on a mobile screen -- not sure how you could comfortably use that for long periods anyhow!

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