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no language options???Support

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  1. dsauch

    dsauch Active Member

    I just got a CPO samsung tab which is running firmware 2.3.5 and kernel
    I am trying to add Cyrillic language to my keyboard, like I have on my oldie HTC inc, but when I go to :
    settings>Language and Keyboard>Samsung Keypad (active)>Input Language
    All I have is English and Spanish.

    Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions?

  2. CapitanMELEE

    CapitanMELEE Member

    Did you do a market search? Multiling keyboard in the market installed should do the trick.
  3. dsauch

    dsauch Active Member

    "after-market" non-integrated keyboards are not the same as a nice single click built-in ones.
    there was no reason to neuter the OS, i since rooted mine to ISC and have normal full OS.
  4. CapitanMELEE

    CapitanMELEE Member

    Same, ICS is the only way to go on the OG Tab.

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