No lawsuit solution for multi touch

  1. t-mizzle

    t-mizzle Well-Known Member

    Google should push out the OTA update to address current issues as soon as possible, then cook their own ROM, enabling multi touch at the OS level while making sure it works with the update as well. Then they should anonymously leak it to XDA maybe even a couple of other prominent android community sites.

    But right now, Google should fake a research study that shows: by using the pinch gesture on the iphone, irreversible damage is done to the screen, something along the line of: The study shows that no iphone screen can survive more than 14000 pinches. The very same day, they should launch a paid, $5 app for the iphone called "the pinch counter". The app would randomly generate a digit between 100 and 8000 and then count backwards. The app should claim "special hardware analyzing ability gathering more than 140 real time parameters" about the screen. Also, the same screen material has been used for the next iphone as well.

    Random question: The longer Nexus One is out on the market, the less it makes sense not to have 3G for AT&T as well, since they seem so focused on unlocked sales. Do you think that it could have been one of the terms made by Verizon when they were negotiating the deal for the Nexus One?

    Also, if you guys know any App store devs, suggest them to make a "how long will my iphone last?" paid app, with same random BS answers. Whoever buys it, forward him here: YouTube - RickRoll'D

  2. nyfinest32

    nyfinest32 Well-Known Member

    Umm. .. wow
  3. PeDe7

    PeDe7 Well-Known Member

  4. t-mizzle

    t-mizzle Well-Known Member

    Umm.. except for the 1st & the last paragraph, it's.. a joke?
  5. nyfinest32

    nyfinest32 Well-Known Member

    I know LOL :)
  6. t-mizzle

    t-mizzle Well-Known Member

    LMAO, just imagine, iphone users using multi touch sparingly. Talk about complete role reversal: walking up to a iphone guy "hey man, let me see your pinch to zoom?- umm, i have it but i can't use it".

    /lays down the crack pipe/
  7. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member

    did santa bring you all the toys you wanted?
  8. gentlefury

    gentlefury Well-Known Member

    Apple is really pissing me off with this multi-touch BS. They licensed the tech out!! Same as MS....then they buy the company and keep it to themselves? Again what if someone did this with a mouse....nope, only a mac can have a mouse, everyone else has to suffer. This copyright crap is getting WAY out of hand! Google should just go the palm route and just DO IT!
  9. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yeah, I'm sure you being pissed off is going to stop Apple from trying to make money. I'm frustrated as well but they hold the patent and HTC doesn't want to mess with that apparently.
  10. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Well-Known Member

    I like both phones but still prefer the iphone. How do agree the the whole patent thing is crazy. Tivo sues everyone who makes a DVR and that is a bunch of crap but they own it so not much we can do until the patent system is redone.

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