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No LED Notifications?Support

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  1. Perno

    Perno New Member

    I just got my S2 today and noticed there are no LED notifications to see if I have a message when the phone isn't in my hand just sitting on my desk, bummer. What do you use for this purpose? I downloaded this NoLED app and it's ok but it seems a little wonky.


  2. rrrrrichard

    rrrrrichard Member

    If your phone is rooted, try BLN, a market app, and a kernel that supports it. (Just about every custom kernel for the T989 supports BLN.)
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  3. curry62

    curry62 Member

    yeah just tried that app it seems to work but wont my lights being on like that kill the battery. and it doesnt blink like the blackberry led it just stays lit up. but none the less it works.
  4. rrrrrichard

    rrrrrichard Member

    $2.89 at the market will get you blinking and other features. So far, I've been content with the free version.
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  5. linogecba

    linogecba New Member

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