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No Lock ScreenSupport

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  1. Zebadee

    Zebadee Active Member

    Just picked up my phone there and the screen unlocked as soon as I pressed the Home button. For some reason there is no Lock Screen coming up, though I have not changed any settings.

    I have pressed the Power button to lock the screen so I could re-try it, still no lock screen coming up. Anyone else encountered this problem? Any idea how to fix it?

  2. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Well-Known Member

    When you say you just "Picked up" your phone, was it off and you just turned it on, or is this a brand new phone you just purchased?

    1. Press the power button (on Top) and hold it down till you receive the prompt that you are going to power down your phone. Choose yes and another confirmation box will pop up and press OK. The phone is now rebooting. When you have a blank screen, press the power button down and hold it down until you feel a slight vibration, release the power button and your phone will start the reboot.

    2. If #1 did not work, try this: Pop off the back battery cover door and remove the battery for 30 seconds. Than replace the battery and battery cover door and turn the phone on.

    Let us know how it goes..
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  3. Zebadee

    Zebadee Active Member

    The phone was on, but had been unused for a half hour or so, icked it up to text someone and when I touched the screen it was unlocked. I never had to do the swipe or the pattern that I use, in order to unlock it.

    I tried switching it off and also removing the battery, but still there was no need to do my usual unlocks swipes in order to access the screen.

    Ended up having to hook it up to the PC and going through the repair process. Thankfully this worked!

    I appreciate the assistance provided Gunny5821!
  4. yagga

    yagga New Member

    i am experiencing the same problem that you had.
    Could you tell me what exactly you meant with "Ended up having to hook it up to the PC and going through the repair process". How do i get to this "repair process" when i hook my phone up with the PC?
    Thanks in advance

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