[no longer available] For Sale : $150.00 : Nexus 7 (2013) 32 GB WiFi

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  1. dhworph

    dhworph Well-Known Member

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    I have two Nexus 7's for sale. They are brand new. I have turned them on and updated to android kitkat 4.4.3, but haven't taken off any of the plastic protecting them.

    They were purchased at Walmart along with two Nexus 10's. I decided I like the bigger screen size better for reading.

    $150 each + Shipping, or make me an offer.

    If there's no interest here, I'll just return them.

    Please let me know if the photos are sufficient (if the paper is readable).

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  2. KMoore7580

    KMoore7580 Well-Known Member

    I just snagged a 32gb LTE one locally for 140, wife loves it and wants her own. I'd gladly do $140 shipped. I know it's lower than market value, so if not it's cool. I'll hold out til i find another dea.
  3. dhworph

    dhworph Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the offer.

    I just ended up returning them to the store. I'm updating the thread title to reflect this. Or a mod could delete this thread if that's better.

    I'm happy with the Nexus 10's though!
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