No microphone in keyboard?

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  1. rayman121985

    rayman121985 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know why the Captivate doesn't have the microphone on the keyboard for texting or emailing like my old nexus one did? Thought all Android devices had this...any idea how to get it?


  2. dontshakepandas

    dontshakepandas Well-Known Member

    Uh.. it does. Are you using the swype keyboard? It doesn't, but should have it present in future updates.
  3. rayman121985

    rayman121985 Well-Known Member

    Yes its on SWYPE maybe thats why its not showing! Thanks!
  4. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Well-Known Member

    Android keyboard is currently the only keyboard that has the talk to text button.
  5. rayman121985

    rayman121985 Well-Known Member

    Thanks I am using SWYPE hopefully the future updates will fix this...I could switch it over but I like it so I will stick it out =) just glad to know it has it!

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