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No Missed Calls in Call Log?Support

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  1. k2firefly

    k2firefly New Member

    Just got LG Optimus Elite from Best Buy (noob to smartphones, so not good at navigating yet.)
    Big problem - Missed calls never show up anywhere, no icon, not in Call Log - is this normal or is something wrong?
    I cannot find a setting for Missed Calls and it's not addressed in any of the manuals (that I found.) I get the VM fine, but the Missed Call never shows up in my Call Log - so if they don't tell me their number on the message I can't return the call. Also the phone doesn't ring on these, just goes to VM. I know I can receive calls though.

  2. giantpune

    giantpune Well-Known Member

    That sounds like what happens when your phone is not getting service.

    Under normal circumstances, when somebody calls you, it will show up in the call log. If you miss the call, it will put a missed call in your statusbar. If the person leaves a message, it will put another notification in the statusbar. When your phone is not getting service (or maybe only getting crappy service), it wont show any of these things. Instead it will show only the notification that they left a voicemail if they happened to do that.
  3. k2firefly

    k2firefly New Member

    I've missed several calls even when I have full bars and I've never once gotten the missed call indicator. Does that sound normal or like there's a problem. All of these have been when I have full bars (if that means anything.)
  4. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    When you say missed call, do you mean your device rings and there is actually a call and you don't answer it. Or do you mean someone calls you and the device does not ring but you get a voicemail or they say, "Hey I called you."

    If it is the former and there is nothing in the call log then there is a problem. If it is the latter then the device is not getting enough signal to receive the call.

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