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  1. kingharis

    kingharis New Member

    New to a Verizon S3. My family sends a lot of MMS around, and the native messaging app instead displayed them as individual messages from everyone on the list. I was advised on these forums to install Go SMS Pro and keep using the native utility (which I much prefer to Go SMS Pro otherwise), which actually did work for a couple of days. However, now I've stopped receiving notifications of MMS messages. I have notifications turned off in Go SMS Pro, but I still receive SMS notifications in the native utility, and for a day or so I did for MMS.

    Any ideas why I no longer get MMS notifications? Any suggestions for workarounds?

  2. tdiane434

    tdiane434 New Member

    my son had the same problem so he went to his regular texting and checked the setting auto retreive had been unchecked after doing the update to jelly bean make sure it is checked. Hope this helps

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