No Mobile Data even when enabled

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  1. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

    Long story short... my home net died not to long ago so I had to use my mobile data (illegal tether) and I forgot to turn off my video podcasts one night. I don't know what my data was at before I did this, but I got a data warning message and since that time I haven't had data. Today is the start of my new month and data didn't come back. I did a reformat via root menu and then though the phone's settings menu. Still not working.. I've done all the ST APN settings I could find and that didn't work. I'm running out of ideas other than ST disabling my data... Ideas? thanks for the help.

  2. lynnwilliam

    lynnwilliam Well-Known Member

    Is it in airplane mode?
  3. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

  4. trim81

    trim81 Active Member

  5. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

    Thanks, unfortunately that didn't work. However, I did notice that my plan isn't actually refilled yet so maybe (praying to god...) that's all it is. Never thought I'd yern so hard for a damn 3g icon... fml.
  6. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

    I'm very pleased (still hyperventilating...) to report my Mobile Data came back.

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