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no more 802.11n + FM?General

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  1. ccoager

    ccoager Well-Known Member

    Is it confirmed that 802.11n + FM is no more?

  2. Dream

    Dream Well-Known Member

    FM is there, not sure about the N though.
  3. kyleetrotter

    kyleetrotter Well-Known Member

    Does anyone really care about FM radio anymore though? Seriously? I can't see myself EVER using it, besides maybe once just for the novelty...
  4. phobic

    phobic Well-Known Member

    Obviously some people are interested in it since HTC took the time to include it in the phone.
  5. photog

    photog Active Member

    I've been considering the upgrade from Droid, but I'm leaning against it at the moment.

    I would like the FM for when I go to football games. I like to listen on the radio. As it is I have to bring an old mp3 player with FM.

    But even for me we're talking about using the FM just a few times a year.
  6. jeffeynboo

    jeffeynboo Member

    I will use the heck out of it. At my gym, you can get the audio of the various TVs there by tuning into it's FM channel. It would have been great to hear the audio of what you're watching on the TV while on the treadmill.

    Unfortunately, you need a wired headset to use it since the wire acts as an antenna. I have an A2DP bluetooth headset that wil be useless for listening to FM.
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  7. jreagan

    jreagan Active Member

    Sure that works since the switch to DTV? The audio you used to listen to was for the analog TV signals. I'm pretty sure the audio was moved when the video was switched.
  8. What do you need wireless N for? Wireless G is not even a bottleneck for current mobile phones even with 1ghz snapdragon. The only benefit of wireless N would be range. Most people dont even use wifi.
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  9. blueasia

    blueasia Member

    "There an app for that" :p

    " Making good on its newly-signed NFL deal, Verizon Wireless has unveiled NFL Mobile, a free sports news and information app optimized for several of the carrier's smartphones.
    Verizon Wireless plans to add training camp updates and preseason tilts, along with live streaming simulcasts of NBC's Sunday Night Football and NFL Network's Thursday Night Football as the season progresses, according to the report. "

    Verizon Wireless Unveils NFL Mobile - AppScout
  10. highvolts

    highvolts Well-Known Member

    I used the FM radio on my Omnia every day.. so yes.. SOME people do care about an FM radio... :D
  11. Actually I would use FM radio all the time as well. Its a great feature.
  12. terpdog

    terpdog New Member

    I like to use the FM radio to listen to Baseball when I'm on my tractor. The "apps" don't really work well for that.
  13. SprintFun

    SprintFun VIP Member VIP Member

    I listen to the radio everyday at work in my cubicle...
  14. Lummix

    Lummix Member

    Because it's faster than Wireless G.

    Range is just an additional feature of Wireless N, it's the speed that's the best part.

    Um, yes they do!
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  15. hornyhippo

    hornyhippo Well-Known Member

    Didn't realize that but thanks, I go to gym twice a week so great to have the FM to get the audio from the tv.
  16. davewoodson

    davewoodson Well-Known Member

    I want the FM as I can use it at the gym and listen to the tv's that are on fm while I ride the bike or other cardio
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  17. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    I would have loved Wireless-N over FM Radio.
  18. No, its not faster when coupled with smartphones. Even the fastest smart phone today still does not have enough computational power to take advantage of even wireless G speeds.

    People please get a proper education before posting....
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  19. Lummix

    Lummix Member

    Listen, I'm not going to make this a pissing contest, but for you to say that a wireless G network is no different in speed than a wireless N network is just plain ignorant on your part. Why in the world do you think they invented the wireless N network in the first place? Nevermind, don't answer that. You're the one that needs an education.
  20. UHF3

    UHF3 Well-Known Member

    Because I have wireless N at my house and love the range of it. It's way better than G.

  21. chris61292

    chris61292 Well-Known Member

    You just made yourself look stupid. The person your in a feud with is correct. For faster wireless devices such as a laptop or etc, the N speed is faster then b/g, but for smartphones which lack the power to render pages at the speed they would get the data from n wouldnt improve page load time etc due to the phones lack of processing power... sure there is a 1ghz processor but clock speed isnt everything

    Also webpages are like a couple 100 kb or what? U really think b/g doesnt get that almost instantly off wifi? b/g isnt whats slowing load times
  22. Tumaz04

    Tumaz04 Member

    I'll be using the FM Tuner at the gym also. And at work too, it's what I listen to all day long.
  23. Jaguox

    Jaguox Active Member

    I'd just like to add that some people's routers run slower (on all connected devices) when they have even one device running g vs all of them running n. Sure you could get a better router that does it right, but that really isn't the point.

    As for the FM radio, I understand the need to have the headphones connected because they are the antenna, but can you change the audio output device to the speaker, or possibly bluetooth? I know it seems a little silly, but while running (on the treadmill) it would be lighter not carrying it, and it might keep your phone cleaner.
  24. ag04

    ag04 Member

    I can see the merits in both of your arguments. N IS faster, and has more range, however, chris is probably right in that the Incredible may not be able to load pages at the full 100+MB/s rate at which 802.11n is capable of. I don't think the incredible can process data that quickly. But we only have an 13 days!

  25. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    Wireless n would be awesome for speed. I also wouldn't mind the extra 40mb or ram that the desire has.

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