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  1. elysium79

    elysium79 New Member

    hi all
    got stuck here after a slimkat rom install.

    it seems the rom and gapps have not been properly installed so I wanted to install a newer rom from them via CWM but now i can not go into the recovery mode nor even in the download mode. it always starts up the phone.

    i have the following on the about's page:

    Android Vers.: 4.4.2
    Baseband Vers.: I9100DXLS8
    Kernel Vers.: 3.0.80+
    autobuild@slimautobuild #1
    Sat Feb 15 12:47:07 CET 2014
    Slim Version:

    phone bought in Thailand, should be GT-I9100 international, I dont know the original info anymore after rooting, flashing etc....
    any ideas? I assume I have the wrong .tar installed previously?

  2. elysium79

    elysium79 New Member

    disregard. I have found the solution and recovery mode. all good. cheers

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