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    These threads have the bulk of info

    Multiview - Android Forums at

    My research reveals both the German and UK versions got a update to MultiView after the initial shipments.

    Arcane explanation, the omission of MultiView on USA Galaxy Note 2's might boil down to some US patent issue.

    Similar to the situation if you want to print directly to CD/DVDs with an inkjet - you must buy a printer from Epson - while the international and UK versions of Canon printers supply the proper CD/DVD trays and firmware which they are prohibited from selling in the USA - due to an Epson Patent.
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    If we see this here in the US before Christmas....well, it'll be a Christmas miracle. I don't believe in those. :(
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    I don't think it's the right guide. It says up to 64GB on ATT site and it says 1.6Ghz as well.

    No reviews of the ATT model reported any changes like that either
  9. Elantric

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    Page 7
    I suspect this is still the 1st draft version of the AT&T Note 2 Owners Manual - the main point too is the omission of any mention of "Multi-View" or "Screen Recorder" in the manual.

    It could mean either:

    A) We are prevented from obtaining those features in the USA due to a pre-existing third party patent who refused to license Samsung.

    B) With luck a future firmware update will deliver these features which were missing in the initial firmware that ships with the first units - same as occurred with Galaxy Note 2's sold in the UK and Germany.
  10. cwoms167

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    Sprint is getting the multi window today so its not banned in the USA it is going to be up to att to roll out out I think this was a last minute feature and that why the note 2 international did not come with it out of box either
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    yeah what cwoms167 said... so other carriers should have it available soon. give it a week or 2
  12. Elantric

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    Its possible that WHEN the Note 2 MultiView update finally arrives, it will NOT be distributed OTA, instead it may be neccessary to use the Samsung Kies app - same as the AT&T Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4.1 update was distributed.

    Time to get acquainted with Samsung Kies.
    And voice your desire for AT&T to deliver the Multiview update
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 MultiView firmware - WHEN? - AT&T Community Support

    and at the AT&T Facebook page
  13. N0P PH473

    N0P PH473 Well-Known Member

    If you have root you can manually add multiview.
    Its called flashbarservice.apk..

    here's the APK___>

    And here's the odex.

    This version is transparent and modded to allow all aps to be viewed with multiview.

    if you don't have multiview/flashbar then copy these two files to /system/
    Change permissions to rw-r-r
    Then move to /system/app
    restart phone..

    Once uve done this and rebooted Hold the back button to bring up the bar.
  14. NJRonbo

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    I am rooted.

    Is installing both links as easy as clicking on them both? I know the APK will be easy to install, but how about the ODEX?

    Thanks for the help. Still a newbie at being rooted, though miraculously, I found the rooting process to be simple.
  15. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    Google basically said no way.

    Samsung said, ok, but we are doing it with our apps. Probably a USA/USDM issue though.

    I hope the goog says yes!
  16. N0P PH473

    N0P PH473 Well-Known Member

    No.that will not work for /system/ dependant apps.u must use a file explore like root explorer in order to move the files.move them to /system/app/
    Once they are in /system/app -longpress The file and select permissions from the context menu.Change permissions to rw-r--r-- (looks like a backwards 7 when checking the boxes)

    then Reboot

    The .odex files are only required if you are using a stock rom (the one that ur phone came with)

    If you are using a custom rom which is deodexed then you dobnot need the stock .odex files

    Your permissions should match this...[​IMG]
  17. NJRonbo

    NJRonbo Well-Known Member


    Thank you for this.

    I am on a stock rom (the software that came with the phone)

    So, basically, as I am rooted, this is all I need to do....

    1. Copy the .apk and odex files to /system/app using root explorer.
    2. Long press each file and give them the permissions per the screenshot you uploaded.
    3. Reboot

    That's it?

    Here's some additional questions...

    1. When AT&T finally offers multiview update, will it overwrite what I am doing now and continue working as it should?

    2. Being this is the first time I have rooted a phone, will any software update that AT&T offers easily install itself over the root? Will I have to re-root the phone after the update or will the current root hold?

    Thank you so much for offering help. Really appreciate it.
  18. NJRonbo

    NJRonbo Well-Known Member

    Also, as a follow-up, I am being denied permission to move any of these files to the APP folder.
  19. N0P PH473

    N0P PH473 Well-Known Member

    Click the mount r/w button while inside /system
  20. N0P PH473

    N0P PH473 Well-Known Member

    If they decide to include it in ota , it would overwrite the apk and you will have "their (probably just stock) version of the would not be removed, but rather, overwritten.

    Usually updates amend root/nand directories.could include new apps to /system/app or updated library or framework files etc...
    ota updates can include anything they wish to amend....
    Check the forums-ask around and see what's included before you ota update. Never know when the evil bastards will try to push a new way to block root.
  21. PopeyeSailor

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    NOP, This didn't work for me. I'm wondering if there is another step required. I have an AT&T Note 2, rooted with ClockWorkModRecovery.

    I changed the system partition to be mounted as read-write, placed the two files in the /system/app directory and changed their permission to 644, just like all other apps in the directory, and per your screenshot. After reboot, long-holding the 'back' button doesn't yield any multi-view menu. Nothing happens...

    I even tried what you mentioned in another post: deleted the /data/data/ directory (which had an empty /lib directory). Rebooted, and same results.

    Any other ideas on additional things to try?

  22. N0P PH473

    N0P PH473 Well-Known Member

    Looks like there are several dependencies elsewhere...
    looks like I may have gotten ahead of myself here!
    While the author has found many of them, some dependencies still need to be modified/found.
    I hear sprint is getting mv via ota
    - its only a.matter of time til it reaches att ;|
  23. N0P PH473

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    Via engadget, AT&T will update note 2 tomorrow Dec 27
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