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  1. AlliSpectre

    AlliSpectre New Member

    Please help the none android nerd! lol. Ive seen a few similar threads on this but no one seems to know what the problem is?

    I thought it was weird when i didnt receive a FB message from my friend whos usually pretty darn quick. I come home, to find she wrote it hours ago, but my phone never received it!

    So i go to log on, and it says
    No network available
    There is no network available. Connect to a network in the settings and try again.

    The 3G symbol thats usually on top is gone. I can still make calls, i still have signal. I can still text. But anything to do with net, i get that same message.

    Ive never had my phone to where it sets up with wifi, so that is not interfering. I am using the original sims that came with the phone. I havent updated OR installed anything since 2 days ago..and i know my internet was working fine last night. Ive tried restarting it..still didnt work. What could possibly have caused this? I have Cricket Wireless. Just trying to avoid having to go down there..what a pain

  2. Lilg37

    Lilg37 Well-Known Member

    Its something that has happened to me before. Wait another day or so n it might be back to normal (mine took 3 days) they are doing maintnence on the towers out here BC of a real bad storm so maybe they are messing with ur towers. If it keeps up then go to cricket.. may be a small fix
  3. mattsledge

    mattsledge Active Member

    Cricket was having some issues with 3G the past few days. They recommended to do a *228 from your home area, and that fixed my issues.

    BTW: If you ever want to see a disaster zone, check out the official Cricket page on Facebook. Wow.
  4. mattsledge

    mattsledge Active Member

    I was wrong. Just rebooted my phone and the 3G is dead. Looks like another outtage.
  5. Hammer2Android

    Hammer2Android New Member

    I'm in the St. Louis area and my 3G is out too... for about 8 hours now. I tried rebooting, powering down and taking the battery out, and reactivating the phone to no avail. Sounds like a more widespread problem. I'm sure cricket is getting flooded with calls. Guess I will have to wait it out.

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