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  1. ladypau

    ladypau Member

    Since Android's 4.0.4 update on my HTC Incredible S I am not able to use the internet on my phone.
    Calls, sms and wifi work well but the internet network is gone.
    Can't find anything about it on the internet...Help!

  2. sinean

    sinean Well-Known Member

    Try a profile update and prl update. Settings>software update
    If that fails pull battery a few seconds then put it back in and boot phone.

    Hope it helps ya
  3. ladypau

    ladypau Member

    Excuse me, I don't quite follow you...settings>?? I don't have any software update option :(
  4. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Hello and welcome to AF ladypau. :)

    Have you tried performing a factory reset on your device?This usually eliminates these kind of problems with OTA (over the air) updates.
  5. ladypau

    ladypau Member

    I will try but how do I backup my contacts, apps, pics, etc?
  6. DagMiller

    DagMiller Well-Known Member

    Your picture should be stored on your SD card and backed up by mounting the SD card on a computer. All your contacts should already be backed up on your Gmail account. Simply log into your Gmail account via your PC's browser and check all your contacts are there.

    When you reset you'll be asked to log in to your Gmail account and it should then sync all contacts back.

    Your Apps on the other hand will be a more manual process. Use an App to back these up on to your SD card. Then re-install that app after the reset and then you should be able to restore al your backed up apps.
  7. ladypau

    ladypau Member

    Thanks Dagmiller! I tried and it worked...but now I'm missing some contacts (those manually added and don't have a google or facebook account). Thought it would backup those too but it obviously didn't...Any tips? :(
  8. DagMiller

    DagMiller Well-Known Member

    All you contacts should be synced to your Gmail account regardless of whether they do or do not have a google or Facebook account. If they're not on your Gmail account I can only assume you've never contacted them.

    Unfortunately, the only way to restore them is manually.
  9. ladypau

    ladypau Member

    Found them!! Oh I get it, I need to add them one by one? Puff...
  10. lshepstone

    lshepstone New Member

    Hello - I had this problem this morning as well (Incredible S, update to Android 4.0.4), you need to select or set your APN. Do this at Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names. I simply chose my service provider from the list and the Mobiel Network reconnected.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
  11. Per1

    Per1 Member

    Similar issues with my Incredible S - did the update this morning and its been a right nightmare all day - dropping Mobile Network Connection several times, Navigation worked first thing then failed spectacularly later in the day. Wifi is fine and Blue Tooth is fine but took a while to connect to my Sony Radio in my Mondeo.

    I DO NOT want to do a factory reset - why can't these OTA updates work properly when they are installed? My phone has not been rooted or modded and is about 13 months old - have HTC rushed this update for the Incredible S?

    Not impressed with 4.0.4 so far :(:(:(
  12. ddljls

    ddljls New Member

    Try to Update PRL. It worked 4 me. Settings-->System updates---> Update PRL

    Good Luck
  13. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    GSM/SIM phones don't use PRL's. That is for CDMA phones only. In otherwords it s not applicable to the HTC IncS.
  14. mitchmann

    mitchmann New Member

    If I had followed the previous posts, I would have been into a process of an hour or more and a bit of agony. This did it for me! Thanks!!:)

  15. sawyer zhang

    sawyer zhang New Member

    Hi, I had the same problem yesterday. And now I solved it.
    It seems like that after upgrading, android ice-cream just messed up your internet operators. To fix this problem, just go to Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names. And then press the "setting" button on the bottom of your screen(it's an icon with three horizontal lines) then choose reset to default. And after that choose your internet connection apn and mobile network should be back.
  16. jbtay

    jbtay New Member

    Just had this problem this afternoon after updating to androil 4.0.4. Called up starhub and they are none the wiser. Luckily found this forum before deciding to do factory reset. Just select starhub postpaid at APN and connection came back. Thanks a lot.:D

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