No notifications for Google Hangouts app.

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  1. AcademicBadger

    AcademicBadger New Member

    After watching the Google I/O keynote the other day, I re-enable Google Talk on my Galaxy S3 (USA, AT&T, 4.1.1) and allowed the update for Hangouts. The problem is that I'm unable to receive notifications of any kind (sound, vibration, notifications shade) when I get a new message.

    I triple checked to make sure notifications are allowed in the individual conversations, in the app in general, and in Google+. If the screen is on, I see the message come up, but get no sound or vibrations. If the screen is off, I still get no sound or vibration. I went through the list of bloatware that I disabled when I got my phone, but the only Google products are Flipboard and Books.

    I've not been able to find anything about anyone else having this problem online so I assume this is the result of my own mucking around with settings, but I'm at a loss. Without notifications, the app becomes pretty useless.

    I'd greatly appreciate any and all help!

  2. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    Same here. It's not you.

    But for me it is not a concern as I anxiously await my Lightflow update to include Hangouts to fix this - as Lightflow handles all the notifications.
  3. ifrankie10

    ifrankie10 New Member

    i am also not receiving notifications when i get messages this is the only forum i ever found this relating to me
  4. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    For those of us using Lightflow (both paid and free versions), the app was just updated to include Hangouts in both versions.
  5. idiotonuni

    idiotonuni New Member

    Just curious, have either of you installed hangouts for iOS?
  6. techguysteve

    techguysteve New Member

    I'm having the same issue as well on my GSIII (CyanogenMod 10.1). Tried to un-install and re-install with no luck. And yes, I've also got hangouts installed on my iPad, where the notifications do work. Works just fine on my wife's phone. Same phone and same version of CyanogenMod...
  7. SkyJackpot

    SkyJackpot Well-Known Member


    Working good only after I updated to the latest version if a ROM I'm using. On the previous version it wasn't working so this was one of the first programs I tried to install. Where as on the previous ROM I had Google+ installed whenever I tried to click Hangouts it would just go to Google+, I don't have Google+ installed in this version yet and Hangouts is working.

    Maybe a coincidence.
  8. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    I'm using lightflow now and everything is fine.

    But if I remember correctly to before I made the switch, the default on hangouts was something like "standard notification". But if I went into change that alert tone, it said "none". Has anyone tried changing their alert tone?
  9. techguysteve

    techguysteve New Member

    Well, I updated my OS just to rule it out. Turned out the issue was still there.

    However, in my testing, I reveled the notification issue was isolated to receiving messages from a specific gmail account. Other accounts that I tested in sending me messages caused the notification to appear. Let me know if any of you with this issue experience similar results.
  10. AcademicBadger

    AcademicBadger New Member

    Thanks, everyone, for the responses!

    Yes, gtbarry, I've tried changing the default notification in the Hangout app to different tones, re-installing it, and even playing with the notifications in Google+ in the hopes that Plus' messenger and Hangout might be interrelated. No luck.

    I'm giving lightflow a try, so we'll see how that works.
  11. smoothbond

    smoothbond New Member

    I have the exact same issue, i cannot receive notifications from a specific contact, i can send and receive from everyody else it saeems. were you able to fix this?
  12. mikesphonetab

    mikesphonetab New Member

    I haven't been able to get notifications period. It can see my messages once opened but it doesn't notify me nor does it sync with Chrome or my iTouch 5 which gets notifications perfectly. I'm using a Note 2 (L900) Jellybean 4.1.2. If anyone figures out why this is happening or how it can be fixed then please let me know.
  13. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    One thing I have found is that I am often signed into Hangouts in more than one location. My phone and a chrome browser or two (as I work on more than one machine at a time often).

    I think perhaps, at times, I am getting a brief notification (or the pane is open) on my desktop and that negates me also receiving a "duplicate" on my phone.

    Just a theory really.

    "Hangouts won’t send you duplicate notifications on different platforms"

    Google Unites Gmail And G+ Chat Into “Hangouts” Cross-Platform Text And Group Video Messaging App | TechCrunch
  14. peeurr

    peeurr New Member

    Hey guys,

    I was having this same problem and had gone through the same checks regarding notifications however there was one place I forgot to look. Under settings>manage apps>hangouts there is a check box to enable notifications that was not checked for. I checked it and everything works now!
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  15. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    Today's update fixed this ironically:

    ● Fixed a problem where you could receive two notifications for a message: one from Hangouts, one from the old Talk app.
  16. BulletBill

    BulletBill New Member

    You can also add me to the list of people who can't get a notification from a specific contact (which happens to be my wife), but can get notifications fine from everyone else. It's so odd. I don't have any snooze or muted notifications on for anybody. I'm logged off every hangout app other than my one mobile phone.

    Any ideas or possible solutions here?
  17. Yaxman

    Yaxman New Member

    Just make sure you have general "Notifications" enabled. Meaning, there is no "crossed i" icon near the clock. As an Samsung/Android/Tablet newbie this was my problem. (Settings -> scroll to the right -> Notifications -> toggle on/off)
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  18. frizzy61

    frizzy61 New Member

    Did not realize that there was one more place to look! Notifications working now. Thank you!
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  19. SteveDee222

    SteveDee222 Member

    Don't know if this will help but it worked for me on my GS4. I lost notification sounds except for the lame Hangout tone. I went to my Zedge folder on my external mem card and copied a couple notification sounds to the Notifications folder on the main storage. All at once, 20 notification sounds became available in the Settings >sounds> notifications option. It works well now.
  20. kemy621

    kemy621 New Member

    I finally was able to get notification for Hangouts. I had to go to system settings, application manager and check on the allow notification box. Keep in mind anything you set a default app like Handscent for text messages for example and then you replace it with another app it doesn't clear the settings so you have to manually and check the box. Maybe we should've paid attention to the message box when you set a default program and it actually says you'll have to go to system settings to change back the original/default settings.

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