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  1. tyrell456

    tyrell456 New Member

    I'm a (now former) Alltel customer who transitioned to AT&T today. On Alltel I've had an HTC Wildfire for about 6 months now, and on AT&T I now have the HTC Aria. I love the phone, it's MUCH faster than the Wildfire, and has has a lot better screen.

    However, on my Wildfire I had the option to delete old SMS messages automatically, and limit each thread to a certain amount of messages. I can't find this setting anywhere on my Aria. Does it exist? Am I looking in the wrong area?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

  2. hazzmatt6

    hazzmatt6 New Member

    When in the all messages section, push the menu button, select settings, then scroll down to storage settings...think this is what you are looking for.
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