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  1. JohnB47

    JohnB47 Well-Known Member

    Just started playing with the s planner and there doesn't seem to be a way to add notes using the s pen - you have to use the keypad to type entries. Am I missing something?

  2. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    There is an icon for typing text using the keyboard but also an icon to use the pen or finger, as well as a productivity icon (formulas etc). Think mine was on keyboard by default. The three icons should be at the top left, above the note/memo whatever. If it isn't, should be a arrow icon on the top right which pulls down the menu.
  3. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    Excuse my terrible handwriting lol.

    2012-11-23 21.21.41.jpg

    The blue arrow and its icon means you don't have to use the S pen, can you your fingers or another stylus when its not Lit up blue as shown in the pic. Or if it's turned on only S pen works which is great as palm resting is ignored :)
  4. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    Bexy, I think you misunderstood the OP. He wanted to use his S-Pen as a data input device within S-Planner (calendar app) instead of the traditional keyboard. The only way for that is to select the text entry method within the default Samsung keyboard.

    On the lower left hand side of the keyboard, you should see a 'T' with a pen icon beside it. Press that and it will bring up a text entry keyboard allowing you to use the S-Pen for text entry.
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  5. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    Doh, no not misunderstood, just misread lol. Sorry. Have just had a look again and no doesn't seem to be a way other than adding a note already written on S note.
  6. JohnB47

    JohnB47 Well-Known Member

    Thanks folks.

    NeoGrandizer - you said "On the lower left hand side of the keyboard, you should see a 'T' with a pen icon beside it. Press that and it will bring up a text entry keyboard allowing you to use the S-Pen for text entry."

    I can't see that on my keyboard. I've checked each view of it (SYM, and both ABC views) but no, it's not there.

    Just to be sure, here's what I'm doing. I open s planner and select Day, then hold down on an entry. The keyboard appears along with an 'add event' window. At this point all I can use is the keyboard to enter data.

    Although if I select the little toothed wheel symbol on the keyboard, to the left of the space bar, I see there is a 'handwriting' entry and when I select that I see various settings for recognition time, pen thickness etc. But I can't see where I can elect to use the s pen for entry as opposed to the keyboard.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks. PS this is a UK model, purchased a week ago.
  7. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    I couldn't work out how to do it either but, I've just figured it out.

    On the left next to the space bar, do you have the gear/wheel icon? Or a microphone? Whichever it is you have, if you press and hold it, it gives you three icons - a microphone, a T with a pencil and the gear wheel (settings) icon. Choose the middle run to get the handwriting panel up instead of the keyboard.
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  8. JohnB47

    JohnB47 Well-Known Member


    I've got it working now, thanks to your help. Works really well too - I can write fairly quicky and in joined up too and it recognises it.

    There seems to be a lot of 'hidden' things on this device. Not a problem if people like you help out!

    Cheers Bexy.
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  9. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    Not a problem. I'm still learning myself at the moment as well but, it is fun :D.

    Like I say, I only figured out how to do it earlier lol but, I was impressed with it, my writing is terrible but, it recognized everything. Personally, I'm more impressed with the Note 10.1 every day I use it :).
  10. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    That's odd, I had that on my default Samsung keyboard without the need to jump hurdles to get it. I have a Canadian GT-N8010. Sorry for the confusion.

    It does have much better recognition than my Note 5.3 that's for sure. So they did improve it. I mostly use Thumb Keyboard as well as a USB keyboard to type things out. I never really used the S-Pen for data entry much.

    I'm glad you were all able to sort it out.

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