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  1. sandeep89

    sandeep89 Well-Known Member


    Over the last few days, I've been experiencing poor or no data signal. I'm currently on leedroid hd 5.1.1.

    Does anyone know why this could be happening? I can currently only use my phone when its connected to WiFi for the internet, which is quite frustrating.


  2. CDPlant

    CDPlant Well-Known Member

    Is this only happened since you've been on LeeDroid? Or has it just happened randomly?
  3. sandeep89

    sandeep89 Well-Known Member

    ive been with leedroid for a while and everything was ok, its just happened randomly over the few days. i was running a very old version of leedroid which was fine, upgraded maybe 2 weeks ago, and about 1 week ago ive started having this problem. Ive also tried to use CM7 which had the same issue.

    i dont know if i am supposed to flash a new radio to stop this from happening or if the newest leedroid comes with one? i applied the patch to 5.1.1.

    considering going back to a stock rom just so that it comes vodafone/htcs problem and not mine...

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