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  1. Deacoon

    Deacoon Member

    My phone was recently having some serious issues. I'm not even sure how to explain it. So I did a hard reset, so its just like the day I got it. Except one thing. For some reason I don't have any program space now, it says I have 0 mb. If anyone can help me figure out how to get the memory back I'd appreciate it.

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Welcome to AF! :)

    It would be handy if you told us which device you have, we'd be in a better position to help that way.
  3. Deacoon

    Deacoon Member

    Oh yeah I didn't even think of that lol. Its the mesmerize SCH-i500
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    No probs, moving to the Mesmerize subforum. :)
  5. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member


    So you've attempted to do a system restore on your Mesmerize. Upon turning the phone back on after the restore, did anything seem unusal to you other than the loss of hard drive space? Also, is it the actual phone hard drive that is now 0 or the SD card? Remember, when you do a system restore, the phone may format the SD card if left plugged in while doing the system restore.

    If you're unsure and would like to try to do a different style of system restore, then try following this guide.

    Let me know what else I can do to help.
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  6. Deacoon

    Deacoon Member

    I tried that way of restarting it. But it didn't seem to work.

    I think its the actuall phone hard drive, under storage it says my Program Space is 0.00B/0.00B. The personal data and external sd card both have plenty of room.
  7. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    Hmm. That is odd. Have you attempted a second reformat of the phone? If not, I would recommend doing that before going any further. If the same thing happens again, then I would contact US Cellular, tell of the problem, and have them send you a new phone.
  8. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    I would try a factory reset, if that doesn't work, take it in for a swap. It sounds like it died on you.
  9. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    You know, you never mentioned what the serious issue was when you originally had to do the factory restore. What exactly was going on with the phone that caused you to need to restore it?
  10. Deacoon

    Deacoon Member

    I was on facebook when it started being unresponsive. I tried to turn it off with the power button but it didnt work so I pulled the battery. It worked alright for a couple minutes after that then became unresponsive again. After another battery pull I tried to turn in on and the animation came on but then the screen just turned black so I just let it sit. Eventually it came back but the majority of my apps were gone and it changed back to the defualt background. And it kept telling me things werent working.

    So then I did a factory reset and its working fine but I have no program memory.

    I took it into a local US celluar dealer and explained what happened but she told me shes not allowed to work on phones so I have to call the US cellular tech people.
  11. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, the only people allowed to work on phones at the USCC store are the techs themselves. In order to get a tech, however, you have to go to a USCC store that has a tech center. If they don't have one, then going there is just a waste of gas.

    As I mentioned before, the best route to take at this point is to call in to USCC (Dial 611 on your cell phone if you can, otherwise you can look up their number at their website) and explain the issue. Mention that you have taking all procedures (just to get them to shut up about it) in attempt to correct the issue, but to no avail.

    After some chatting about your phone, the USCC representative should transfer you to a tech and then some more talking will go on. Lastly, they will tell you you're eligable for the replacement program and they will ship out your new phone (they'll tell you to keep the battery and back cover of your old phone). This usually takes 1-2 days and it comes via UPS.

    Best of luck!
  12. Deacoon

    Deacoon Member

    Yeah i called in last night. New phone is on the way. Thanks for the help though. I appreciate it.
  13. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    No problem! Feel free to drop in now and again if you have/need/want anything from the community.

    Take care!
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