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  1. jsj

    jsj New Member

    Hi everybody,

    I've just received my new HTC one M8 yesterday :D.

    I tried to set up the HTC mail app (with IMAP) but unfortunately, I couldn't find the push mail option. There is only smart sync, manual sync and sync every x minutes.

    Does HTC mail app offer push mail function?




  2. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    Greetings and welcome to our forums! While there is no "active push" you can set it as needed to sync to a very active "5 minute check".

    Smart Sync automatically extends the sync time the longer the Mail app is inactive. Set your email account to Smart Sync when you don't need to check new email messages frequently. Smart Sync helps save battery power.

    If you want to receive email messages as they arrive, select another peak and off-peak sync schedule in the email account's Sync, Send & Receive settings.
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  3. ashyt16

    ashyt16 Member

    The mail app certainly does support push with the right email account. From memory, if you have Hotmail then select Hotmail or Exchange ActiveSync when setting up email, both allow push.
  4. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    Hello! THe original poster was asking about an IMAP account, and the default HTC mail app on the M8. While both IMAP and Exchange supports push capabilities (POP3 does not) HTC opted for a "smart sync" option to conserve battery life with the use of IMAP accounts. I always recommend K9 or Touchdown if you need push, or any other advanced features in mail.
  5. ashyt16

    ashyt16 Member

    And I also was referring to the default htc mail app. I was merely offering information.
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