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No push notification when screen is offSupport

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  1. shutdo

    shutdo Member

    Hi everyone,

    My phone hasn't been able to notify me about a new Email/IM (I.E. everything that requires the internet) over wifi whenever the screen is turned off. Even if I set the wifi sleep policy to "never", nothing happens until I unlock/turn on the screen. Haven't tried it over 3G cause I have no data plan.

    At first, I thought it was the same wifi issue that causes the black screen, but then I read from another post that someone was able to get push notifications with 2.3.3 and wifi sleep policy to "never". (Nevertheless, push should work regardless of the wifi policy settings)

    Also, my LED indicator(notification) light never works when the screen is turned off. I cannot even find settings for the LED notifications in "Settings".

    No matter if I use stock 2.3.3 ROM or jiilik's custom ROMs.

    The phone seems to only have the most basic functions working while the screen is off.... I wonder if these problem only happens to me, really hope i can fix it cause I am not living in Canada so there's no warranty for me and I'm not planning to get a new phone soon. If someone could help.


    P.S. I haven't got one single black screen issue after I flashed Jiilik's custom ROM and overclocked to 806MHz. I always leave my wifi on now. But I got a wifi error once and immediately rebooted so there was no blackscreen :p So I guess Jiilik's ROM somehow "relieved" the issue a bit :)

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  2. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I haven't either. But if you asked me what I've done to fix it, I couldn't tell you. :/

    EDIT: two more thoughts: I removed a kernel module in my version called librasdiof.ko or somesuch. There's code on the phone that unloads and reloads that module when the phone goes to sleep. Without that module, it cannot be unloaded and reloaded. Maybe that's fixed the issue.

    Secondly, I get push notifications when my phone is sleeping if I have network data turned on - but not if I'm on wifi only. Maybe LG's made some modification that is still forcibly unloading the other wifi drivers when the phone is sleeping.
  3. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    I posted a thread about screenlocking in the all-things-root subforum. I'm hoping other people running the rom will chime in. Maybe I'm accidentally brilliant! :D
  4. shutdo

    shutdo Member

    You've done a lot for us already, but....
    do you think you can fix the wifi push? :D
  5. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    I might be able to - I'm going to make myself a bugs/todo list. :D I have an idea of what's causing this one at least... I think LG decided to be smart and is unloading wireless.ko when the phone is sleeping to save power (a good thought), but this causes all wireless functions to turn off when the phone is sleeping (a bad side effect).

    Could be barking up the wrong tree though too.

    EDIT: oh! one more question - does anyone know if this problem exists in the default LG rom? or is it just mine, and if so, what version(s)?
  6. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    LG 2.1 V10d, background sync on, auto sync off, Yahoo Mail.

    I usually set wifi sleep policy to be off with the screen. For as long as I can remember, my experience under 2.1 (and when I had the LG updated 2.3.3 phone) is that the mail will not push or notify until the screen is turned on. I recall when I briefly had a data plan, it pushed and notified me right away even with phone screen off. I did not mind this because I only want to read my email when I want to do so and I did not want my LED to be on every time somebody sent me an email (which can be a lot in a day). So I never considered this to be a bug, I just thought it was a power saving feature.

    I set the wifi sleep policy to never and sent myself a test email to all my Yahoo and gmail accounts. After 15 minutes, nothing. But then I read on Market that Yahoo is having problems (again) and emails are being delayed. So this may not be conclusive.

    EDit: In fact, I just noticed that when I turned the screen on, the Yahoo mail still did push or notify me of the new email even though I know they have gone through (checked by PC).
  7. chimpanzee

    chimpanzee Member

    A matter of how 'sleepy' LG want to make the phone to. 3G data would never be affected as that is a thing of its own and why you can still receive call/sms no matter what.

    for the wifi, LG wants to make it very sleepy, Samsung less so and why to Samsung has background notification(activeSync/goole talk/yahoo mail) works even though the wifi is set to sleep on screen off.

    This is also the case for iPhone. LG is the exception.
  8. chimpanzee

    chimpanzee Member

    don't have this phone anymore. doesn't anyone know if background timer still works when the screen goes blank ?

    that idea is to setup an IMAP mail account(gmail and yahoo have this option) and since the mail client would only support timed check for IMAP, so it is supposed to do it every X minutes.

    Hopefully, this would kick start the system again and make the other notification works. Now the best solution(if it works that is) but a 5 min interval poll is not too bad battery wise.

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