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  1. cathteg

    cathteg New Member

    Hello, I'm a brand new android person and I'm sorry to begin with 'omg help', but there we go. I just got the OT-983 as a late Christmas/early birthday present, and I've had it less than a week. I went a bit app-happy at the beginning, and realising I was going to run out of memory, I bought a brand new 16GB SD card. That arrived this morning.

    I was able to install Astro, but that's about it. Ringdroid (having come with the phone, but on the old SD card I think) refused to install, with no information given. (Seriously, it just said 'App not installed.' I tried older versions and newer versions and nothing worked, or gave me any more information.) Okay, fine, I'll use something else to make ringtones.

    Then I tried to install an app which, when I attempt to open it, says 'There is not enough disk space on your device for Ap Geiriaduron to run. Delete some files and try again.'

    I call BS. It's the only thing on the brand new SD card (which the phone settings tell me has 14.53GB free). The app itself is a Welsh dictionary, weighing in at a whopping 676KB, so there is TOTALLY space for it. (The application manager > storage says it's using 376KB.) I've tried moving it between the phone and the SD card to no effect. I've cleared caches, erased data, and read a lot of old threads about people with similar problems. Unfortunately, the simple things don't work, and the more complex ones I don't understand because I'm a medievalist and not an app developer. Besides, 'this doesn't work' is an extremely unhelpful variety of error message.

    There are some old threads on various sites dealing with similar issues, but they seemed to be related to models of phone that aren't mine; also they're more than a year old. Does anyone know what's going on or how I can fix it? I will be incredibly grateful for any help.

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello Catheg, and welcome to Android Forums.

    As I read your post I think that your sd card (the external one, some devices call the phone's internal memory an "sdcard" and the external, removable one "external sd card," etc) is disallowed from accepting apk/app/widget files, and is there only for media.

    The internal memory (again, "sdcard" on some Android devices) is for the apps and widgets etc.

    Let us know if this helps you sort things.. the issue could have to do with something else, such as corrupted files, etc.
  3. cathteg

    cathteg New Member

    Thanks for the reply! I thought this might be right, but after checking a few things I'm not so sure. Astro, the file manager, is on the SD card and it does work--at least, it loaded all the way and successfully connected to Dropbox. So I thought I'd test by getting something new, and went and downloaded the Cheezburger app. That also shows up as being on the SD card, and works fine.

    When I get back home I'll put the old SD card in (there's a 2GB one that came with the phone) and see if that makes a difference, in case there's something wrong with the card. Otherwise I have no idea, maybe it's a glitch in the app itself? Any other ideas?

    Thanks again, for the answer and the welcome!
  4. mobsy

    mobsy New Member

    The fault is actually down to the fact ap geiriaduron insists on downloading its entire dictionary, which takes its measly app size up to 43 megabytes of additional stored data. I'm trying to work out how to get this stored on my sd, which has plenty of space but my galaxy ace wont allow it. Even after changing the phone settings to automatically save to sd, it still refuses to budge the extra stored data. I blame meagre phone space of most android systems rather than the app (which is ardderchog!)
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  5. cathteg

    cathteg New Member

    Ohhh, that explains it. Thanks so much; I tried a few more things last night and finally just gave up. If you do find a way to make that work, let me know? It looks so very promising. Diolch yn fawr! :)

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