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  1. digger79

    digger79 Member

    For some reason the ringtone notification no longer sounds when I get a new facebook notification. I have gone into fb and checked the settings and the notification ringtone is set to play my chosen sound. Vibrate alert and phone led flashing still work!!

  2. ddaz211082

    ddaz211082 New Member

    same here on my phone and I have a HTC One V. Only done it since I updated my facebook app to the version 1.9.8
  3. digger79

    digger79 Member

    I think this is when my problem first started so have reported the bug to facebook. Might get a reply next year or after they release another update :)
  4. digger79

    digger79 Member

    It seems to have righted itself for now. Let's see what any new upgrade brings lol.

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