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  1. Bearcat37

    Bearcat37 Member

    I really need to find an app like Droidwall that will stop my apps from taking up data in the background. I came from Apple so this is knew to me. I don't want to root my phone because I don't want to void the warranty. My goal is for my app to not use data without me telling them too. Thanks, Bearcat37

  2. Deepfried

    Deepfried Well-Known Member

    Try Advanced Task Killer..
  3. Bearcat37

    Bearcat37 Member

    Thanks but that isn't quite what I mean. Task killers just force an app to shutdown then the app realizes it was shut down and it restarts itself. Linux systems aren't iPhones, they are designed to have everything running. I am talking about keeping background apps from using data when I'm not even using them.
  4. Bearcat37

    Bearcat37 Member


    Thanks, can you tell me more about Onavo? I have heard about it but wasn't sure what it was. I assumed it was a data plan tracking app. Does it let you not just monitor, but also set restrictions for specific apps?
  5. Bearcat37

    Bearcat37 Member

    Can you explain this futher? I have always understood that Android apps stay open so that they (the apps) will resume faster. Anyway, that isn't quite the problem it is apps that run without me using them.

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