No Secret: Vibrant Full Price $329.99?!

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    GAMERIG Active Member

    T-Mobile Vibrant Full Price $329.99-Here is real screenshot, not photoshop.



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  2. galaxyS

    galaxyS Well-Known Member

    i hope that is true!
    i hope that they dont change the price
    i hope that i can get it on first day

    can't wait..
  3. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    This doesn't change the $199.99 for extended contracts right?
  4. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Hopefully if anything it lessens the contract price.

    200 is a lil bit more than 50% of the phones price. It wouldn't make sense to even get a contract when you could own the phone entirely for $130 more.

    I say if they have 330 for the price then they have to lower contract price to 25% of 330

    of which is 82.50 or maybe $99 is more of a realistic price.
  5. MyFishWagon

    MyFishWagon Well-Known Member

    My GF is so looking forward to this phone.. for $330 off contract, you really cant beat this :)
  6. deeoh1084

    deeoh1084 Well-Known Member

  7. rfdesq

    rfdesq Well-Known Member

  8. deeoh1084

    deeoh1084 Well-Known Member

    AWWWWW MAN!!! i was hoping it will be $330 well it does make sense also if it's 450 because the 1Ghz hummingbird processor and Super AMOLED (new technology)
  9. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

  10. jree

    jree Well-Known Member

    So how much for the phone outright without even more? I need to get rid of my cliq before I throw this thing at a wall and go to one of the other carriers
  11. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    Looks like 449.
  12. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    449 is still good.
  13. jree

    jree Well-Known Member

    $449 is damn good. I just came from a tmobile store to see if I could preorder one(punk kid rep didn't even look my direction) and judging the price of the HD2 I thought this thing would be in the $600 range.
  14. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member


    GAMERIG Active Member

    T-Mobile modified fine print-
  16. jree

    jree Well-Known Member

    If you read the fineprint again it states that you can make 19 monthly payments with the even more plus plan. I've done this monthly payment plan twice and its pretty convienent

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