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  1. zid

    zid Member

    Hi, I really hope somebody might be able to help me here.

    I got my HTC DHD on Tuesday and it was working fine till today. For the last 4 hours it shows 'no service' (i.e. no network coverage/no phone). Everything else is working fine. I've tried switching my SIM card to my old HTC HD and it worked fine, I could make/receive calls. I also tried airplane mode on/off, restart, taking out the battery, plugging to pc, plugging into power socket, even hard reset - the problem still exists, like the phone module is off for some reason. WiFi works fine btw. All settings look fine. The phone doesn't have a scratch on it, brand new, never been dropped. I'm really upset by this issue - the phone is just 3.5 days old and such an issue appeared. Doesn't look promising :((

    Any suggestions apart from the obvious 'return to the shop and wait for ages to get it repaired'?

  2. john_g

    john_g Well-Known Member

    I can't answer this, but suggest you need to give your firmware version, mobile provider and your approximate location before anyone will be able to help you.
  3. zid

    zid Member

    Hi John. Thanks for a reply. Not really sure where to look for firmware so here's what looked similar:

    Baseband version: 12.28b.60.140eU_26.03.02.26_M
    Software number: 1.32.405.6

    My mobile provider is O2 but I have tried other SIMs in that phone with the same outcome - no signal. All the SIMs i tried work fine in other phones.

    I was in the office at work when that happened (Hampshire). The phone was in my pocket, if that's relevant.
  4. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    stupid suggestion but i am saying this because i had a similar scare. are you sure you have put the sim card the right side in, i.e. the notch visible outside, connectors facing down? problem is since the sim card needs to be slid in, it can go in both ways...
  5. zid

    zid Member

    hehe - no suggestion is stupid at this point :) but no, unfortunately I am sure as i've tried multiple times with various cards sliding it exactly like needed...
  6. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    try changng network mode to gsm only and manually searchng forr networks. once you see the list of networks select the one you are a sbscriber of.
  7. zid

    zid Member

    yep, tried that before posting. no luck. changes to gsm mode fine but couldn't find any networks i.e. no list displayed to choose network from :/ i think the popup message said something about 'no networks available' or something like that.

    i'm leaning towards returning it at this point - more and more looks like a faulty gsm module..
  8. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    sounds like, a quick check though. you have the covers to the sim/sd card and the battery on, dont you? think they do have an effect on the gsm module/radio. try cleaning the contacts on the covers too...
  9. drhunter

    drhunter Active Member

    The covers contain the aerials for gsm etc. (the small piece of golden metal) so with them off it will affect your signal strenght!

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