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  1. bballphil13

    bballphil13 Member

    I have had the phone for about two weeks now and am starting to get annoyed. The phone has been dropping 4g completely, and while it says it still has service it doesn't say whether it is 3g or 1x. When this happens I am unable to access the web, use facebook, send text messages, or even connect to wifi. I swear it happens at least every two hours at minimum. Then when it finally decides to pick 4g back up it sends every text message two or more times. I live in Colorado in a 4g hot spot. Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

  2. I have been but im in an only 3g area I will lose service and have to reboot to get service.
  3. drewcam888

    drewcam888 Well-Known Member

    your best choice is only use 4th if necessary. force 3g most of the time

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